Content & Colour 

Collage work begining in 2016 has been heavily inspired by 60’s and 70’s print advertising.



An on-going body of work collected in my time with Emma. Her and I met in 2011, in the years following we have worked together on a number of different videos, shoots and projects.

18-S1, 17-SW, 17-EM, 17-SC, 17-AE, 16-MI, 16-OR, 16-WM, 16-TH



Interning In Ghana

In the later half of 2015 I self released 50 copies of a zine titled ‘Interning in Ghana’ through Acteson McCormack. The 48 page journal chronicals my 1 month term interning on the set of ‘Beasts of No Nation’ in Ghana. 

Published by Acteson McCormack